About Us

Jon & MichelleJonathan and Michele Vallee founded Lighthouse Rum Cakes in 2012. The idea to begin this company was born after our cakes proved to be a one-of-a-kind product in the Titanium Chef Competition in 2008. After winning first place in both the dessert category and the grand prize in the overall competition,we knew we had something special and wanted to share it.

We are confident you will agree after your first taste!

We prepare all of our rum cakes in a certified commercial kitchen using only the finest ingredients and perfectly aged spiced rums.

Each cake is individually prepared for you with the same care that goes into the cakes we share with our family and friends. There are several flavor rum cakes available, surely something for everyone’s taste buds! New flavors are constantly being created so please check the website periodically.

Lighthouse Rum Cake also offers other gourmet treats. All of our products have their own story. Everything is baked from scratch and most come from very old family recipes that have been enjoyed for years. The richness and satisfaction that our products provide are truly unique and will quickly become a favorite. We look forward to becoming a tradition in your family!

Lighthouse Rum CakesWe take pride in our reputation for quality, value and service. We stand behind every gourmet product sold and guarantee our cakes to be fresh and moist. If you are not 100% satisfied, let us know and we will promptly refund or replace the item. All the cakes have a shelf life of 6 months kept at room temperature and indefinitely if frozen.

While not baking or growing Lighthouse Rum Cakes, Jon and Michele explore their family roots in the Great Lakes, Maine, and other parts of the Northeast. They both greatly enjoy spending time on the water, skiing in the Rockies, and when around home their Golden Retriever, Luke and Bulldog, Fiona fill up much of their days.

The Dream of Lighthouse Rum Cakes becoming a well-known brand that Jon and Michele could one day pass down to their kids has begun. The Story will continue and many adventures will be born through it, we encourage you to stop by from time to time and track our status. We love meeting our customers so we encourage you to visit us at Trade Shows, Boat Shows, and other fine events!

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